Board members

IBJR Administration Officer

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Postdoctoral scientist

  • Dr. Carina Blaker

Professional staff

  • Mr. Dylan Ashton


  • Mr Tim Hewitt



Honorary research fellow

Postdoctoral scientist

Professional staff

  • Ms. Shihani Stoner
  • Ms. Yolanda Yiu

MD students

  • Dr. Matt McCann

Technical officer

  • Ms. Susan Smith
  • Mr. Dan Burkhardt



Co-Director/Senior advisor

  • Professor Chris Jackson

Post doctoral research fellow

  • Dr. Lara Bereza-Malcolm

Research assistant

  • Dr. Haiyan Lin

PhD students

  • Mr. Ian Reid
  • Dr. Ruilong Zhao
  • Dr. Thomas Lang

Florance and Cope Chair of Rheumatology

Liggins Professor of Rheumatology, Head of Department

Staff Specialists

  • Dr. Rodger Laurent
  • Dr. Premarani Sinnathurai
  • Dr. Shirley Yu

Visiting Medical Officer

  • Dr. Beatrice Janssen

Associated Medical Officers

  • Dr. Anna Finness
  • Dr. David Massasso
  • Dr. Mark Podgorski
  • Dr. Stephen Potter
  • Dr. Sally Preston
  • Dr. Penny Savvas


Post doctoral fellows

Bone density technician

  • Mrs. Sue Davies

Professional staff

  • Mrs. Annica Barcenilla-Wong
  • Ms. Lyndall Henderson

PhD students

  • Dr. Bethan Richards


  • Ms. Lisa Joseph
Osteoarthritis Research Team

Principal Investigator

Post doctoral fellows

Project manager

Professional staff

  • Ms. Sarah Capistrano
  • Ms. Vicky Duong
  • Ms. Tanya Fedorova
  • Mrs. Lon Guglielmino
  • Ms. Karen Schuck
  • Ms. Sonika Virk

PhD students

  • Ms. Vicky Duong
  • Ms. Bimbi Gray
  • Ms. Ka Martina
  • Mr. Nicholas Murphy
  • Dr. Shirley Yu

Externally supervised PhD students

  • Dr. Inoshi Atukorala (University of Colombo)
Back Pain Research Team

Principal Investigator

Professional staff

  • Mr. David Anderson
  • Ms. Sarah Capistrano
  • Mr. Antonio Gregorio
  • Ms. Joanna Prior

PhD students

  • Mr. David Anderson
  • Mr. Carlos Mesa Castrillon
  • Mr. Lingxiao Chen
  • Ms. Carolina Gassen
  • Ms. Emma Ho
Australian Arthritis and Autoimmune Biobank Collaborative (A3BC)

Principal Investigator

National Director

  • Dr. Craig Willers

National Project Officer

  • Dr. Tom Lynch

Chief Scientist and Clearbridge Fellow

Executive Administrator

Henry Langley Research Fellow

  • Dr. Lara Bereza-Malcolm

Research Assistant

  • Ms. Lyndall Henderson

Patient Research Partners

  • Ms. Catherine Cameron
  • Mr. James Hope-Murray
  • Ms. Elizabeth Gilkes
  • Ms. Diana Sykes
  • Mr. Craig Stovold
  • Ms. Celia Tilbury


Chairman of the Orthopaedic Department

Department Head

  • Dr. Nathan Hartin

Director of Sydney Shoulder Surgeons

  • Dr. Ben Cass

Director of Sydney Orthopaedic Research Institute (SORI)

  • Dr. Myles Collican
  • Dr. David Parker

Director of research, SORI

  • Dr. Corey Scholes

Orthopaedic VMO

  • Dr. Andrew Cree
  • Dr. Andrew Ellis
  • Dr. Randolph Gray
  • Dr. Dimitri Papadimitriou
  • Dr. Stephen Ruff
  • Dr. Con Vasili
  • Dr. Andrew Wines

Orthopaedic administration

  • Ms. Lynne Campbell
  • Ms. Kay Crawford

Trauma fellow

  • Dr. Magalie Angers

Shoulder and Elbow fellow

  • Dr. Mohammed Baba
  • Dr. Oscar Dorrestijn

Foot and Ankle fellow

  • Dr. Kumar Kunasingam
  • Dr. Barry Rose

Spinal fellow

  • Dr. Suman Samuel
  • Dr. Bhisham Singh

Research staff

  • Ms. Jasmin Gwynne (Sydney Shoulder Surgeons)
  • Mr. Joe Lynch (SORI)

Clinical research administrator, SORI

  • Ms. Nolanne Chang

Office manager, SORI

  • Ms. Kimberley Chow


  • Dr. Brett Fitsch